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In the spirit of the original microarray-based Genome Consortium for Active Teaching (GCAT) founded by Malcolm Campbell at Davidson College, we are a group of educators who seek to incorporate new, massively-parallel sequencing technologies into the undergraduate curriculum to provide our students with a hands-on opportunity to apply these revolutionary cutting-edge tools to investigate biology

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December, 2013

August, 2013

  1. Please describe the project you want to do in 500 words or less.  Include Background, Hypothesis, Methods, and Anticipated Results.  In your methods describe the total amount of data required and why an Ion Torrent 318 chip is a good fit for your question.  Please examine http://www.molecularecologist.com/next-gen-fieldguide-2013/ for appropriate projects for the Ion Torrent 318 platform.  The OU facility is offering 800Mbp of sequence (4 Million 200bp reads).

  2. Please describe how would you use the data in a classroom/lab setting to teach undergraduates the process of science using next-generation sequencing.    Include the number and level of students, type of class, and proposed length of activity.

    • Note that only sequencing run costs are free (an $800 value).  Users will still need to pay for library preparation costs ($400 per DNA or RNA sample; see attachment).  RNA prep may involve additional costs for polyA selection (eukaryote RNA samples) or ribosome depletion (bacterial RNAs) by the user before submitting samples.

    • Applications are due in one month, September 15.  Please submit to my e-mail address.  Please feel free to address general questions about experimental design to the network as a whole.

Thank you, and many thanks to the OU genome core facility for their support.

PS.  If you want to do an Ion Torrent run at OU using the attached prices, regardless of whether it is free or not, please contact Vijay Nadella at the OU genome center directly to receive our network discount and discuss details of your project.


June, 2013 - GCAT-SEEK is now affiliated with two new Genomics Core Facilities

February 1, 2013 - GCAT-SEEK Awarded grant from the National Science Foundation for Workshops during summers 2013-2017 - Award # 1248096 - RCN-UBE - GCAT-SEEK: The Genome Consortium for Active Undergraduate Research and Teaching Using Next-Generation Sequencing. Applications for the workshop were distributed through the listserve - Please be sure to join the listserve to keep up to date with GCAT-SEEK opportunities.

May 24, 2012 - HHMI logo
Juniata College was selected by Howard Hughes Medical Institute to receive a $1,000,000 award entitled, "The Genomics Leadership Initiative at Juniata College." (http://www.hhmi.org/news/hhmicolleges20120524.html).  Vince Buonaccorsi is serving as PI of the Hughes award and our research coordination network was seen as highly meritorious by reviewers... an effective vehicle for implementing change in undergraduate education.  

The network has received:

Congratulations to Vince and Juniata College!