The Genome Consortium for Active Teaching
NextGen Sequencing Group


Assessment of Student Learning

Learning Goals

As a result of participation in GCAT-SEEKquence activities, students and instructors will be able to:

    1. Explain each step in the generation and analysis of Next Gen sequence data.

    2. Discuss the basic biology assumptions that underlie sequence analysis (e.g. evolution, structure and function, conservation = function).

    3. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the methods employed in Next Gen sequencing, including the impact that data quality has on bioinformatics analysis.

    4. Choose and justify the appropriate methods for a specific Next Gen sequencing application.

    5. Apply Next Gen sequencing methodologies to solve their own research questions.

GCAT-SEEK Assessment Instruments

All GCAT-SEEK participants should complete the first two assessments, then the Application-specific assessment(s) that are appropriate to project(s) being completed. The assessments should be completed before conducting the project(s), and again after completing the project.

Faculty: Please assign ID numbers to students or instruct to use non-SSN Institutional Student ID Numbers for correlation of Pre- and Post-test results to measure learning gains.

Thank you
for your participation!