The Genome Consortium for Active Teaching
NextGen Sequencing Group


Participation/Membership in GCAT-SEEK - (List of Members as of 2-1-2014)

To become a "GCAT-SEEK member", you have to agree to these terms:

  1. All work must be performed by you and your UNDERGRADUATE students. Graduate students can use data generated by undergraduates to validate and build on those results.

  2. All data will be shared with GCAT-SEEK members and made publicly available when appropriate.

  3. As a member you will be able to request NextGen sequencing of a sample by combining with others on a single run. Here is a form to request NextGen Sequencing. (newest version 2-21-2013)

    Each request is prioritized by the following criteria:

    1. Number of undergrads impacted by proposal
    2. Ability to provide appropriate sample
    3. Detailed plan for bioinformatics analysis
    4. Plan for publication and presentation by students
    5. Cost share
    6. Assessment plan
    7. If you are applying again, did you complete proposed work?
  4. You are willing to help other faculty by answering questions when you are able. These questions usually come from the GCATSEEK Listserve. (Archive of previous messages)

    Here are directions about how to join GCATSEEK-L.

    a. send an email to: listserv@davidson.edu
    b. leave the subject line empty
    c. in the body of your email, type: SUBSCRIBE GCATSEEK-L name

    _______for example: SUBSCRIBE GCATSEEK-L Jeff Newman

    d. do not put any additional text in the email, including your normal email signature

  5. You are willing to take a risk and try something very new, knowing that it may not work out the first time.

  6. You are willing to participate in the assessment component of GCAT-SEEK which we are initiating to help improve our use of genomic resources for teaching and to establish data for a future grant proposal to the NSF. This assessment will be coordinated by Dr. Tammy Tobin, Susquehanna College.


    Growth of GCAT-SEEK 2012 - 2015



    Inaugural Members at Initial Planning Workshop
    held at Juniata College July 11-14, 2011.

    2011 participants