The Genome Consortium for Active Teaching
NextGen Sequencing Group



  1. Bring functional genomic methods into undergraduate curriculum primarily through independent and classroom based student research using centralized cores to make NextGen sequence data accessible to undergraduates.

  2. Create a Clearing House of Information for educators to use when teaching NextGen sequencing and related topics.

  3. Create large database of raw data and analyzed results for pedagogical use by GCAT-SEEK members

  4. Develop a Global Network of educators using functional genomics and NextGen sequencing in the undergraduate curriculum

    Everyone associated with GCAT-SEEK will be educators working with undergraduates and trying to bring genomics into the curriculum to help students. We often have to figure out things as we go along.

    GCAT-SEEK helps coordinate activities, but you and your students do all the work. You design the experiments, produce, and analyze the samples.

    GCAT-SEEK will help facilitate working with a genome core to obtain raw sequence for you and your students to analyze and work with.

    GCAT-SEEK specifically aims to obtain in-house core prices, software discounts, and mini-grant funds. The network aims to offer advice regarding experimental design, software, and statistical methods, a queue for fitting samples onto 454, Ion Torrent, and SOLiD runs, a database of barcoded primers, methods in educational innovation, and assessment support.

    GCAT-SEEK will complement and collaborate with other GCAT groups, (micorarrays and synthetic biology) to promote the overall GCAT mission.