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Corporate Sponsors

  1. The commercial software company SoftGenetics logo
    our first commercial sponsor, has provided a single two year license for their NextGENe program for the network at nominal cost ($2.5K). It is easy to use and will allow users to focus more on the biology, less on the technical details of the tools. For purchasing an annual single user license, SoftGenetics will provide the network with its NextGENe software for the processing of the sequencing data as well as an unlimited number of 90 day local licenses of the NextGENe Viewer/Browser which permit undergraduates to review, edit, and develop both text and graphical reports of data that has been processed on a centralized computer. Once the data is processed, typical data sets can be reviewed with the NextGENe viewer on 32‐bit Desk Top systems.

    The scheme we envision for undergraduates is:
    1. Sequence data is made available to a central processing unit via ftp download, email, or ground mail on an external hard drive, depending upon data volume.

    2. Via remote desktop, student or faculty users initiate analysis via NextGENe software analysis pipeline tool, which allows sequential processing of data. The user selects the application of interest, data/sequencing platform used, sets analysis parameters, and directory location of finished analysis.

    3. Local users can then download completed analysis to their local machines for data review, filtering, and other tertiary analysis or report generation.