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Darby Lewes
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English Dept

Lycoming College



Dr. Darby Lewes
Professor of English

A.A. Moraine Valley Community College
B.A., Saint Xavier College
M.A., Northwestern University
Ph.D., University of Chicago

Office tel. #: (570) 321-4114

Border Collie Web page: Folly Hill Kennels

Specialties: 19th Century British Literature, Utopian Studies, Women's Studies

The Desperately Seeking Shelley:  PBS Sights/Sites 1999-2000 website



Description: Description: Revisionaries (1995)

Description: Description: nudes cover

Nudes From Nowhere:
Utopian Sexual Landscapes


A Brighter Morn: The Shelley Circle's Utopian Project (2003)


Description: Description: potrait cover2

A Portrait of the Student as a Young
 Wolf: Motivating Undergraduates



Description: Description: autopoetica civer  

Auto-poetica: Representations of the Creative Process in Nineteenth-century British and American Fiction (2006)



 Description: Description: F:\Lewes\public_html\DVBC revisedcover_small.jpg

Double Vision: Literary Palimpsests of the 18th and 19th centuries (forthcoming)


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