A World Wide Classroom:
Using the Web as a Course Supplement.
Jeff Newman
Biology Department
Lycoming College
Top 10 reasons to have a course web page.

#10 - Ensure a minimal computer competency among students.

#9 - Keep student interest.

Current events related to class  Biology 101 Home Page 
Humor  Biology 101 Web Page - Fall, 1997 
Interesting Anecdotes  Human Biology at the University of Virginia 

#8 - Provide something interesting for the Admissions and PR staff to talk about. / Keep up with the competition.

#7 - To see what similar courses elsewhere are doing.
            same material presented a different way, from a different perspective.
 Biology 437 - Molecular Biology - Fall, 1997 
 Lycoming College Microbiology Home Page - Spring, 1997 
#6 - Central repository for course-specific information.
Syllabi - useful for students thinking about taking your class .
Updated Schedules .
Class Announcements  Biology 107 at UConn Fall 1997 Index Page 
Links for Assignments  Bio 355 - Molecular Biology Home Page 
 Bi 101: General Biology 
 MCB165 WWW Neurochemistry Site 
Lycoming's Genetics Web Page - Spring '98
Lecture Outlines/Notes Biology 435 - Aquatic Ecology 
Biology 102 Home Page 
Make Presentations Available Biology 101 Web Page - Fall, 1997 
Lycoming's Genetics Web Page - Spring '98
BIO180 Intro. to Biology & Chemistry - Carlow College - Prof. Hershberger 
Answering Questions  Questions and Responses: Section I 
 Microbiology 229 at UConn Spring 1997 

#5 - It impresses the promotion and tenure committee.

#4 - A novel format to accomodate different learning styles.


#3 - It's fun and the students like it (as determined from end of the semester evaluations).

#2 - Easy access to important resources.

Discipline specific resources Biology 437 - Molecular Biology - Fall, 1997 
Neurosciences on the Internet 
Having links in an obvious place is better than just providing URLs.  Biology 347 - Immunology 
 Biology 101 at Southern Oregon University 

And the #1 reason to have a course web page......

How does one create a course web page and content to put on it?

  1. Work Study Students - many are better at this than we are.
  2. Current Wordprocessors - Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect can save files in HTML format.
    1. Lack of control over formatting.
  3. Web Page Design Programs
  4. Netscape Communicator
    1. drag and drop links from browser into editor
  5. Microsoft Powerpoint
  6. The World Lecture Hall

Web-based, web accessible tools that are worth the time investment.

Rasmol and Chime Molecular Visualization Software
    You'll never teach protein structure the same way again
    Many tutorials, scripts available

 MDL Chemscape Chime
 RasMol Home Page