Storytelling using Computer Animation with Alice

Bloomsburg University’s Summer Experience for Young Women 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Below are resource materials that I developed in 2007 for Bloomsburg University's Math & Science Summer Experience for Young Women, an outreach program for middle school girls.  This week long program consisted of a variety of 2 hour sessions on a wide range of topics in math and science.  Mine was titled "Storytelling with Computer Animation using Alice" and I'm pleased to say that it was very well received. 

Alice handout for students and parents:  Word format    PDF format
Story outline (the basis for our workshop):  Word format  PDF format
Sample worlds (based on our story outline):  Mary's story   Jasline's story   JT's story

The girls were allowed to work individually or in groups of at most three.  Most chose to work with one or two friends, however a few girls chose to work alone.  There were 15-20 girls per session.  I built my story along with the girls, with my work projected on a screen for all to see.  In our 2 hours, we completed scene 1 and started on scene 2.

What I learned:  This was my first attempt at putting on a workshop such as this and I learned the following: