Looking for help?  Don't despair!  Help is available!


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SPRING 2017 Ė Tutoring

       Help is available at the Math Center.Look for Katie Cleland, Coral Chiaretti, and Rachel Duncan.

       Katie Cleland is also available for one-on-one tutoring through the Academic Resource Center: http://www.lycoming.edu/academicResourceCenter/tutoringSchedule.aspx

Also, don't forget that there is always help available in your instructor's office.  Don't be shy!  It is quite common for college students to seek help outside of class.  You can set up on appointment by emailing the times you are free to meet to pelusoem@lycoming.edu


Also, feel free to e-mail your instructor with questions. If itís related to code, donít forget to attach the current version of your code.