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Math 123 (Introduction to Statistics)

SPSS Lab Assignments


Sophisticated statistical methods almost always require the use of a computer. This document contains links (at the bottom of this page) to some simple lab exercises in the use of SPSS statistical software. (SPSS is an abbreviation for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences; the software has its origin in efforts to develop computational methods of statistical analysis in the social sciences.) SPSS is one of the more sophisticated statistical software packages and has capabilities that range from finding simple descriptive statistics to performing very sophisticated statistical techniques. Each student must:

  • have an account in order to sign onto the college network (See someone in the computer center located in the basement of the Academic Center foe help with this if necessary.)
  • know how to access SPSS from the network (which is explained at the beginning of Lab#0)
  • copy obtain all files needed to do SPSS Labs into his/her personal directory on the network (which is explained at the beginning of Lab#0)

Lab monitors can help with accessing SPSS from the network, but lab monitors may not be knowledgeable about statistics or about using SPSS.

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Lab#0, Lab#1, Lab#2, Lab#3, Lab#4, Lab#5, Lab#6, Lab#7, Lab#8, Lab#9, Lab#10, Lab#11, Lab#12, Lab#13, Lab#14.

Note: In the event that links do not work, because the server is down, hardcopies of the textbook units, the exercises sets, the answers to odd numbered exercises, and the lab exercises are all on permanent reserve in the college library under Sprechini Math 123