Math 123 (Introduction to Statistics) Project

Make this the cover page for your project.


Print Your Name:  ________________________________________


Print Your Instructor’s Name:  ______________________________


You may NOT discuss any part of this project with anyone other than your instructor.  This is an OPEN BOOK, TAKE HOME PROJECT. You may use your class notes, your textbook, and your other course materials.  Sign below to indicate that you will comply with these conditions.


Signature: _______________________________________________


Obtain a copy of the SPSS data needed for this project by opening the SPSS data file named FloridaGradsF89 (which your instructor emailed to you) and saving the data in your personal folder on the college network.  This data contains information about randomly selected college graduates of at a university, and this is the data you need to complete the project.


The project has four problems which you will find here; print these four problems, and include these with each submission of your project.


The deadlines to submit various portions of the project are on the course schedule.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If your graphs do not appear on your printed output, it is most likely the fault of how the Lycoming network interacts with SPSS and NOT YOUR FAULT; to get around this problem, send your SPSS output to a PDF file instead of to a printer, and then print the PDF file to a printer.